We are based in Pretoria, but can supply to any of South Africa’s provinces. We have accredited and experienced installers and contractors across the country.

FA Facilities (Pty) Ltd is part of a group of companies, all of which are linked to the sporting and recreational industry and market. Whether you need sporting equipment, sport apparel or any type of facility (sporting, recreational), we do it all.

The FA brand started out as a basic supplier of sporting goods, as mentioned above, we have since diversified our product base to include al facets of the sporting and recreational industry. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop in the industry.

We life in the wellness era, thus it is our main concern to offer products and facilities that can contribute to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

We firmly believe that less is more, and thus have one goal: Complete customer satisfaction. This basic goal is simplistic but all encompassing. This is also our combined vision and mission statement.