If you can think it, we can do it.

This page of our website will soon be filled with new concepts and ideas, we are in the process of developing various informational brochures and documents to best explain what we can offer you across our broad spectrum of products and possible installations.

A basic list of services will include the following (but is not limited to this specific list, we constantly develop new products and facilities for our clients):

  • Sport specific facilities
    – Cricket nets
    – Golf training facilities
    – Athletic training facilities
    – Outdoor training areas
    – Body weight training facilities and areas
    – Basic skill training areas
    – Indoor multi-sport facilities
  • Recreational
    – Neutral play areas
    – Community parks
  • Corporate
    – Employee break rooms
    – Aesthetic image improvements
    – Conversion of “dead” areas to usable and relaxing space
  • Residential
    – Carefree synthetic grass areas
    – Residential sporting facilities
  • Maintenance
    – Basic and continual maintenance of existing and new recreational areas or sporting facilities.



Our services also include the following facility specific type of work:

  • Any and all forms of steel work and/or steel structures
  • Basic groundwork’s
    – Excavation and crusher-sand base installations and so forth
    – Building of retaining walls to keep facilities level.
    – Filling and compacting of areas to reach workable and usable level.
  • Any and all forms of wet-works
    – Concrete slabs